2016 Tottenham Vs Leverkusen Uefa Live Telecast

2016 Tottenham vs Leverkusen UEFA Live Telecast

2016 Tottenham Vs Leverkusen Uefa Live Telecast

Live UEFA Tottenham Vs Bayer Leverkusen Stream

at 12:45 Local Time On 2-11-2016

Tottenham Vs Leverkusen live

On Wednesday 2nd November 2016 two teams Tottenham Vs Leverkusen will face off each other in the UEFA Champions league 2016 event.This Group- E UEFA football match will be held at a Wembley Stadium – London, and the match kick off time is 12:45.

Tottenham Vs Bayer
Champions League Group stage
Wednesday, November 2, 12:45 PM
Wembley Stadium


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